Type of projects

Business facilities

-Respect “values”

As a reliable partner, we respect each client’s business plan and ensure to complete the project. We will study their business and set out profit and loss estimate, propose an appropriate plan, and carry out branding, with priority given to the early phase. We will allocate appropriate period of time to the design phase that enables us to share the same set of values with the client as well as to keep longer-term perspective of the business in future.

As appropriate, we will set up different teams specialised in graphic design, signage or website design to advance a project.

Business facilities


-Valuing “partnership”

Collaboration with people in different fields is critical in this era of diversity. We contribute to projects with other parties in both architectural and non-architectural fields as a specialized team member with professional expertise, providing basic design and venue design for art events, or collaborations with makers to create products.



-Valuing “communication”

We design, refurbish, renovate and administer construction for new and rebuilt dwellings. Listening carefully to the desires of our clients, we engage them in the process of creation through models, perspectives and drawings. To create places where people live out their lives, we pay attention to the culture of the place, the light, wind, and environmental character of the site, and their relationship to people who are to live in the space.


Design fee

We ask for approximately 10-15% of the construction cost in accordance with structure and scale of the construction.We will engage from the initial meeting to the completion (such as investigation, planning, designing, construction administration and various applications and registrations).

*Please make a separate inquiry in relation to renovation and designing retail spaces.

Flow of work

  1. Inquiry, consultation
  2. Planning
  3. Schematic design
  4. Construction documentation
  5. Authority approvals
  6. Tenders
  7. Construction administration